Results from INSURE

Contaminated sites containing hazardous substances are a threat to the environment in all countries around the Baltic Sea. The project have focused on finding solutions to stop the distribution of these substances.

The reason and type of contaminant varies between countries but could be from old industrial or military sites. Contaminated sites are numerous in all countries participating in the project and there is a joint requirement for better knowledge about how to work with the problem in a more efficient and high quality way. The number of performed remediation needs to increase to obtain a healthier environment and improved water quality in the Baltic Sea.

INSURE have consisted of three major parts (work packages or WP):
• Sustainable remediation of contaminated sites (WP T1)
• Strategic management methods for contaminated sites (WP T2)
• Technical tools for visualisation of contaminated sites (WP T3)

If you click on the link for each part you find more about the results.