WP T2 Strategic management methods for contaminated sites

A more efficient handling of contaminated sites needs be achieved in the management process to increase the remediation rate of contaminated sites, INSURE will support that work.

​In some areas where the contaminated areas are complex because of, for example the size, diversity of contaminants, property owners and responsibility there is a need to find methods to handle these areas in the planning process. During the project strategies will be developed to handle these areas in a more efficient way.

Supervision and enforcement is a tool for authorities to achieve an increased remediation of contaminated sites. During the project new methods will be developed and used to improve the work of supervision and enforcement regarding contaminated sites and sustainable remediation. The project will focus on three areas- supervision and enforcement on enterprises in operation, supervision and enforcement on areas with several responsible parties and supervision guidance. By informing stakeholders about contaminated sites and sustainable remediation early in the management process operators will be able to plan the work in a better way and an increased remediation will be achieved.

There is a need to develop useful and clear methods to handle contaminated sites and how to split responsibility between stakeholders. During the project strategies for prioritization of contaminated sites will be developed, so called action plans. The plans will describe what needs to be done on sites regarding for example investigations and remediation, responsibility and costs.

When working with remediation of contaminated sites there is a need of guidelines and limit values for different media in the management of contaminated sites. During the project a common summary of international guidelines and limit values will be generated.