Territory 9 Dzelzcela Street, Valmiera (Latvia)

The pilot site of Vamiera City Council is called Territory 9 Dzelzcela Street and is located in Valmiera, Latvia. The area is contaminated with heavy oil. 

​The pilot site is a former storage of heavy fuel oil and a place where there was transshipment from rail tanks to road freight transport. There are still oil left in the underground tanks and reservoirs in the area. Soil and groundwater are heavily polluted with oil hydrocarbons.

The method tested by University of Helsinki at this site was electro-kinetic biostimulation.


Site progress reports

In the site progress reports you can learn more about the pilot areas and the progression of the tests. The reports are writtten by University of Helsinki.

Site progress report 1, 2017

Site progress report 2, 2018